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 “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”
-Anthony J. D’Angelo


Free resources for property investors and enthusiasts.

How to Calculate ROI and Yield Help Sheet.

roi and yield cover.jpg

✔️Learn how to calculate ROI and Yield without an automated calculator.

✔️Analyse property deals accurately.

✔️ Become a numbers wiz!

Property Viewing Checklist Sheet.

property viewing cover.jpg

✔️Ensures you take as much information as possible from a property viewing.

✔️Estimate refurbishments more accurately.

✔️Organize information more efficiently.

Property Offer Submission Spreadsheet.


✔️Organizes your offers submitted.

✔️Record when your offers were submitted. 

✔️Follow up on past offers made.

✔️ Records your progress.

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