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Property Viewing Checklist.

Download the essential property viewing checklist. Includes all of the questions you need to be asking vendors and agents as well as a refurbishment checklist chart to ensure that your estimate of works is always accurate.

Property Viewing Checklist.

✔️Ensures you take as much information as                       possible from a viewing.

✔️Estimate refurbishments more accurately.

✔️Organize information more efficiently.

How to Calculate ROI and Yield.

Learn how to calculate ROI and yield without an automated calculator, as well as improving your deal analyzing skills.

How to Calculate ROI and Yield.

✔️Learn how to calculate ROI and Yield without an         automated calculator.

✔️Analyse property deals accurately.

✔️ Become a numbers wiz!

Property Offer Submission Spreadsheet.

Many great deals are often found by following up on properties you have previously offered on. By tracking your offers submitted in our offer list spreadsheet makes it easier to record your process and produce better results!

Property Offer Submission Spreadsheet

Record your offers clearly and concisely.

✔️Organizes your offers submitted

✔️Record when your offers were submitted 

✔️Follow up on past offers made

✔️ Records your progress

Property Offer Submission Sheet.

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