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Fixed Returns in Property

We offer investors a way to maximise their returns with passively investing in property. We offer fixed returns of 5-10% as a form of investment. Property is a fantastic way to start lucratively investing and you can do it without the stress of going through the process but still reaping the rewards. The investment works as a fixed return on a loan that is used to purchase, renovate and re-mortgage/sell a property. This is one of the easiest ways to invest in property with as little money as £5,000. 

Beating the bank

Finance Chart


We buy the property so you don't have to go through the legal process of purchasing.



We refurbish the property, adding value to it, using our trusted trade teams. We can invite you down to site to learn about the process of refurbishing and investing. 

New kitchen


We either sell or re-mortgage the property releasing funds from the property to pay the investor back as well as the interest on top. You can either re-invest the finance again or you can walk away with your extra cash earned

The Process

The investment works in the form of a loan. The loan term is usually from 6-12 months with a fixed return which can be monthly or annually depending on the investor's preference. This allows a completely passive return on your finance without the hassle of having to go through the tiresome process of buying a property. We do the donkey work for you while you can focus your time on what matters to you all the while putting your money to work. 

This is also an opportunity to learn about the property investment process without fully committing to purchasing a property or taking on the risk that comes with carrying out an investment strategy with little knowledge. Investors who choose to invest their funds with Apollo can benefit from being updated throughout the process and invited to site visits to learn more about the process. 


We have been transforming tired and unmodernised properties back into beautiful new homes since 2019. We have refurbished numerous properties from top to bottom and have experience in project management and working with trade teams. To find out more about fixed returns investment in property contact us. 

run down kitchen


New kitchen apollo


Old bathroom


New bathroom Apollo


old fireplace


new fireplace


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