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Our Top Tips for Protecting Your Vacant Property This Winter

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Protecting Your Vacant Property This Winter.

Leaving a property vacant for long periods of time increases its risk to being susceptible to damage. This risk is further increased over the winter periods due to weather hazards, especially in the UK. Whether or not you have a vacant refurbishment property, a property you are selling, or rental property that is going to be left empty over Christmas, this post is for you.

As well as our cold and rainy weather conditions -which can leave a vacant property susceptible to damp and frozen pipes- what other risks is your property susceptible to this winter?

1. Theft

Statistics show that robberies increase by almost 20% over Christmas in the UK. So be aware when leaving a property vacant because it is more vulnerable. Make sure everything is locked. Windows, doors, garage doors, gates ect. You might want to even consider sealing up the letter box depending on the door. The last thing you want are any building materials being stolen. Deter potential intruders if the property is derelict with warning or hazard signs.

2. Fire

Vacant residential building fires are accounted for 7% of all residential building fires. Although these figures are relatively low there is still a risk. A fire could be caused by arson or a defective electrical system. So make sure everything is switched off and the property is well secured and does not attract any un-necessary attention.

3. Water Ingress or Damp

When a property is vacant over long periods of time it lacks ventilation so is more than likely to suffer from condensation over winter vacancy. Central heating systems should be drained down to avoid pipes freezing, and regular inspections of the property over the period of vacancy to ensure that there is not any occurring problems that you are unaware of.

If you are leaving your property unoccupied for a long period of time make sure that you are covered by a specialized insurance. Not only will this give you peace of mind over the festive season but it will also cover you for any damage that the property could incur.

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